International Exchange Activity with Foreign Universities

Consistently delivering the progress and outcomes of research and education to a number of international communities, Ibaraki University encourages academic exchange among students and faculty members through joint research efforts. By promoting education and academic research at a global level and sharing the corresponding achievements, Ibaraki University strives to take the leading role in academic and cultural exchange in global societies as well as in Asian regions.

Inter-University and Inter-Faculty Exchange Agreement

In the context of today's globalization and internationalization of societies, students feel pressed to maximize their chances of integrating global perspectives of different cultures that they get in contact from various dimensions, in order to accommodate themselves to ever-changing trends in the multi-cultural symbiotic society. As an attempt to contribute to international solidarity, Ibaraki University has implemented inter-varsity academic exchange programs in agreement with 39 universities and institutions in partnership across 15 countries.

Partner Universities and Student Exchange Programs

The student exchange programs have been implemented to exchange students with partner universities. The programs are intended to provide opportunities for students to improve language and communication skills and broaden the scope of understanding and knowledge necessary to assess progress in the global society. Major partner universities include Fudan University and Zhejiang University in China, Chungbuk National University and Inje University in Korea, University of Social Sciences and Humanities Ha Noi in Vietnam, and Eastern Washington University and the University of Wisconsin-Superior in the United States.