On May 31, 1949, Ibaraki University was founded as a new national university, as the enforcement of the 1949 School Education Law (Number 150) by integrating prewar institutions. It was originally comprised of the College of Literature and Science, the College of Education, and the College of Engineering. This was which combined the Old Mito High School, Ibaraki Normal School, Ibaraki National School for Youth, and Taga Technical College. The following is a brief history:

April 1952 Merged with Ibaraki Prefectural Agricultural University. The College of Agriculture was established.
June 1955 Izura Institute of Arts & Culture was established.
July 1955 The Junior College of Technology was established.
June 1967 The College of Literature and Science was reorganized into the College of Humanities, the College of Science, and the College of General Education.
April 1968 Master's program in Engineering was established.
January 1969 Institute of Regional Studies was established.
April 1970 Master's program in Agriculture was established.
April 1973 The University Health Center was established.
April 1979 Master's program in Science was established.
April 1985 Became affiliated with the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science (Doctoral program) of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.
April 1988 Master's program in Education was established.
May 1989 The Center for Cooperative Research and Development was established.
April 1991 Master's program in Humanities was established.
The Center for Instrumental Analysis was established.
April 1992 The Center for Education and Research in Lifelong Learning was established.
March 1993 The Junior College of Technology was abolished.
April 1993 Doctoral program in Engineering was established.
April 1995 The Doctoral program in Engineering became the Doctoral program in Science and Engineering.
The Master's program in Science was merged into the Doctoral program in Science and Engineering.
March 1996 The College of General Education was discontinued.
April 1996 The Center for Research and Development in Higher Education was established.
April 1997 The Center for Water Environment Studies was established.
April 1999 The Gene Research Center was established.
April 2001 International Student Center was established.
April 2002 The Job Placement Support Center was established.
April 2004 The National University Corporation Ibaraki University was established.
July 2005 The Integrated Media Bureau was established.
University Library and Center for Information Technology was established in the Integrated Media Bureau.
April 2006 Center for Research-and-Development in University Education has been reorganized into the University Education Center.
May 2006 Admission Center and Institute for Global Change Adaptation Science have been established.
October 2006 The agricultural department attached farm has been reorganized into the Field Science Center.
April 2008 Frontier Research Center for Applied Atomic Sciences was established.
May 2009 Organization for Creation of Collaboration and Inovation was established.
Center for Astronomy was established.
April 2010 Organization for Educational Development and Organization for Research Promotion was established.

indicates facilities established by internal decisions.