Historical Material Collection

Ibaraki University owns a collection of valuable assets.

Izura Institute of Arts and Culture

Established in commemoration of Tenshin Okakura, the internationally renowned founder of modern Japanese arts, the institute accords particular prominence in the research fields of humanities and social sciences closely related to Tenshin's achievements. His articles and keepsakes are also preserved and available as valuable objects, contributing to the enhancement and integration of culture and education. Also located on the premises are Nagayamon, the former House of Tenshin, and Rokkakudo, which are registered tangible cultural properties, whereas in Tenshin Memorial Museum Of Art numerous articles and keepsakes left by Tenshin as well as related reference materials are available to hundred thousands of visitors who pay a visit each year. The institute also holds a variety of events including tea gatherings and special lectures.

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Historical Resources at Ibaraki University Library

Ibaraki University Library owns valuable historical archives, including old manuscripts and ancient documents handed down from the Edo period. The library also has Suga Bunko, books of Masamoto Suga, a historian from Mito in the Bakumatsu (the final years of the Edo period) and Meiji periods, letters of Nariaki Tokugawa, the 9th generation daimyo who ruled the Mito domain, and many other folklore documents that form a significant basis for investigation into the local history. Exhibitions and related lectures on the archived historical materials are regularly held, providing local residents as well as visitors from other areas a great opportunity to actually see and understand the historical data.

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Academic and Cultural Resources at Ibaraki University

We have a variety of reference materials owned by Izura Institute of Arts & Culture and Ibaraki University Library.

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