Ibaraki University Charter

In order that both faculty and students fully understand the public role of the university and act responsibly in accordance with their respective roles to fulfill the expectations and needs of society, Ibaraki University hereby establishes this "Ibaraki University Charter" as a set of guidelines for faculty and student activities.

Basic Philosophy

In addition to cultivating human beings who are generous, highly ethical, and sociable and who seek after truth, Ibaraki University strives to achieve the creation, accumulation, systematization and transmission of "Knowledge." The university offers diverse educational programs and facilitates high-level research, contributing to world peace, the welfare of the human race, and coexistence with nature. And it reforms itself so that it can respond to changes in society.


Ibaraki University furnishes a variety of learning opportunities both as a place for learning where the students who will build the future can act freely and spontaneously, and also as a place where the local populace can continue to study. Deepening understanding of human culture and society and nature, the university promotes the development of a highly ethical citizenry who can bear responsibility for a sustainable society and environmental conservation. The university fosters the development of human beings who have a generous humanity and extensive general education and who have acquired an international sensibility which places an emphasis on diverse culture and sense of values. In undergraduate education, the overall capacity possessed by the university is fully utilized to provide a consistent general education and professional education. The university nurtures experienced persons who have both the ability to acquire expert knowledge and technical skills and design a future based on their own ideals as well as the ability to search for research topics and solve problems. At the graduate level, Ibaraki University produces high-level, extremely creative professionals and researchers with extensive scholarship, expert knowledge and technical skills who can keep pace with progress in academic research and scientific techniques.


Research is based on free conception and independent judgment, and so Ibaraki University ensures that it can be undertaken autonomously, provides a nonrestrictive research environment, and fosters the creation of "Knowledge." The university recognizes that it is able to conduct research through having gained the trust and confidence of society, and does so earnestly and ethically. In addition to the enhancement of basic research concerned with the pursuit of knowledge, the university endeavors to cultivate organized research in connection with new academic fields and industrial innovation. The university organizes original research which utilizes the natural and social resources in the region where Ibaraki University is located and strives to achieve the formation of a global research base. In order to ensure the continuation and expansion of creative original research, Ibaraki University actively supports the research of younger professors and graduate students who represent the cornerstone of the future.

Regional Cooperation and International Exchange

In order to be the type of university which both society and the local populace can depend on, Ibaraki University widely publicizes information about itself and endeavors to understand the expectations and demands being placed upon it. The university promotes education and research in cooperation with the local citizenry, municipalities, the education sector, institutions of higher education and research, and the economic and industrial sectors, among others. The university actively returns to society the results of education and research, thereby contributing to the advancement of regional education and culture, environmental conservation, the advancement of industry, and the development of society. In addition to sharing education and research results with international society, the university facilitates international exchange and joint research projects involving students and faculty, and promotes education and academic research in compliance with international standards. The objective of the university is to become a hub for academic and cultural exchange depended on by international society and particularly by the Asian region.


The administration of Ibaraki University is accomplished through self-governance with the cooperation of both faculty and students working together. Upholding basic human rights, the university provides conditions under which both men and women can take part equally in the administration of the university. Through planned organizational maintenance and faculty training, the university achieves an administrative system which can respond flexibly to changes in society. The university strives to create a campus environment which is safer and healthier and greener. And it performs self-inspections and evaluates its own performance with regard to education, research, regional cooperation, international exchange, financial affairs and administration and, in addition to making the results of these evaluations public, will reflect them in its efforts towards self-reform.