Mito Campus

The city of Mito is the capital of Ibaraki Prefecture, located about 100 km northeast of Tokyo. Widely known as the location of Mitokomon, a historical drama based on the second ruler of the Mito Domain, Tokugawa Mitsukuni, Mito is a historical city surrounded by a breathtaking environment and steeped in culture. In the center of the city is Kairakuen (meaning "a park to be enjoyed together"), built relatively recently in the year 1841 by the local lord Tokugawa Nariaki and considered one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan along with Kenrokuen and Korakuen. While worth a visit throughout the year, Kairakuen is most attractive during the cherry blossom season, which usually takes place in late February and March.

Located at the Mito campus are Colleges of Humanities, Education, and Sciences, and students from Colleges of Engineering and Agriculture at other campuses also spend one year here taking general education curriculums. The Mito campus has a variety of facilities including University Library, International Student Center, Employment Support Center, Instrumental Analysis Center, and University Education Center, where active research is ongoing and students find resources for a lively and enjoyable campus life.

Mito Campus Map


Take Ibaraki Kotsu Transit bound for Ibaraki University (via Sakae-cho) at bus depot No. 7 of the bus terminal located at the north exit of JR Mito Station and get off at Ibaraki University bus stop (Allow approximately 30 minutes of travel time in moderate traffic).