Hitachi Campus

Looking over to the Pacific Ocean, the city of Hitachi (directly translated as "sunrise") offers a unique maritime microclimate and a rich ecological environment sheltered from adverse weather by mountains along the Abukuma Plateau. Along the coastline stretching 24 km from north to south are 5 beach resorts: Kawashiri, Ose, Kawarago, Mizuki, and Kujihama. Oku-Hitachi Kirara no Sato has an excellent infrastructure for leisure and accommodation, and visitors can enjoy fruit picking at a number of farms. Further, Kamine Park, located along National Route 6, is one of the prominent cherry blossom viewing spots where local residents run various events. A number of companies and public research institutions are clustered around the center as well as in the vicinity of the city.

The home of College of Engineering, the Hitachi campus has a variety of education facilities including University Library and IT Infrastructure Center, where students gain a hands-on experience in the cutting-edge research and development.

Hitachi Campus Map


At the central exit of JR Hitachi Station take Hitachi Dentetsu Transit bound for Heiwadai 3 or Kosakidai 4 via Chuo Line and get off at Ibaraki University bus stop.
Or at Hitachi-Taga Station take Hitachi Dentetsu Transit bound for Hitachi Station 3 or Hitachi Station 4 and get off at Ibaraki University bus stop.
In either case, allow approximately 20 minutes of travel time in moderate traffic.