Ami Campus

Stretching 9 km from east to west and 11km from north to south in the south of Ibaraki Prefecture, Amimachi is a town adjacent to Tsuchiura and Tsukuba Science City. Facing Lake Kasumigaura, the second-largest lake in Japan, Amimachi is endowed with the fascinating scenic beauty of nature. Located 30 km from Narita International Airport and 60 km from Metropolitan Tokyo, the town is within one-hour reach from Tokyo or Mito by JR Joban Line or on Joban Expressway. In addition to agriculture that has traditionally been the mainstay of its economy, other industries have also made major strides in recent years.

The beautiful Ami campus has the latest facilities including research buildings, lecture halls, and student dormitories. Also in the vicinity are research institutions, offering an atmosphere that is perfect for inspiration, experimentation, and education. The Ami campus provides opportunities to explore the various facets of academic life.

Ami Campus Map


Take Kanto Tetsudo Transit bound for Ami Chuo Kominkan at bus depot No. 1 of the bus terminal located at the west exit of Tsuchiura Station and get off at Ibaraki University bus stop (Allow approximately 20 minutes of travel time in moderate traffic).