College of Science

Cultivating specialists in science with abilities to explore the unknown phenomena of nature

The Faculty of Science has implemented a new curriculum consisting of 1 major and 6 courses in order to keep pace with the trends in science education. The new educational system that has completely upgraded the previous course syllabus is designed to prepare students for acquiring highly specialized knowledge and problem-solving skills. Our graduates are expected to put their knowledge and skills into action in various fields in society as competent specialists in science.

Department of Science

The Faculty of Science trains students in mathematics and informatics, physics, chemistry, biology, and earth environment science, where the main focus lies in understanding the fundamental principles of science. The curriculums consisting of 1 major and 6 courses also add integrated sciences, which crosses traditional boundaries between academic disciplines including life science, nanomaterial science, and space science. This educational system enables students to anticipate the whole range of curriculums and attain academic quality assurance so as to be called specialists in science upon graduation. Also, each student is paired with a course counselor who provides personalized and detailed instruction on all aspects of his or her campus life, making extensive as well as effective science education possible.